Quadriga Art, a premier direct marketing firm, serving many of the nation’s largest not-for-profit companies is announcing the launch of a Video News Platform in conjunction with its website. The video site is a first for the nonprofit industry and will contain relevant video segments covering a broad range of direct marketing industry topics.

“The intention of the site is to provide marketers, particularly in the nonprofit sector, with important news affecting their business,” said Mark Schulhof CEO of Quadriga Art. “It is often difficult and time consuming for nonprofit executives to sift through the sea of information online and in print in order to find news that is relevant, current and important to their organization’s needs. The video site will not only provide current and breaking news segments; but will also be indexed so archived stories can be easily searched by key word. Basically it will be like our own industry’s TV News Network on the web.”

The Video News Platform uses video sharing and social media software offered by Vidfluence, a premier video marketing and social media software provider that allows registered users to upload and share video on the site. “In this rapidly changing marketing environment, having a one-stop location for industry news as well as peer and published insights, can save valuable time, eliminate costly mistakes and produce measurably better campaign results.” said Schulhof. “A video sharing platform provides a topic-centric repository for relevant video content that grows organically with contributor submissions.”

The site will launch later this week and will contain an initial offering of relevant videos. “We expect that the site will grow rapidly in the face of demand for this kind of resource and we look forward to a robust library of useful video content that will benefit the not-for-profit sector at large. Mark Schulhof says he hopes the video news content can help boost donor revenue for nonprofit companies that can now leverage the latest industry news and information to augment their donor programs.

For more on Quadriga Art and this new web video capability, go to http://www.quadrigaart.com

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