Today, the sustenance of a non-profit organization or any charitable cause for that matter depends a lot on the use of the right marketing strategies, employed not only for effective fundraising, but also to create awareness among people.

As the CEO and President of one of the leading marketing firms in the non-profit sector, Mark Schulhof ensures that this basic fact is kept in mind while planning the marketing campaign for his clients.

His ability to think out of the box and plan things in the non-traditional manner, and use innovative ideas for effective marketing, has enabled Quadriga Art to make a place amongst the most respected and successful marketing companies across the globe.

Mark Schulhof is a man dedicated to the service of humanity and is forever seeking new means of helping millions of people around the world live a better and secure life. He understands that the best way to reach out to a maximum number of the poor, needy and destitute people is through genuine charitable and non-profit organizations.

Such organizations are committed towards the betterment of society by providing basic medical facilities, education, employment opportunities and even food and shelter for the needy.

However, most such organizations depend on donations from people across the globe, in order to work in a really effective manner.

For Mark Schulhof, serving humanity rather than being a part-time activity or just a career option is a way of life. The tough economic times, combined with the low-budget allotment of the governments, as well as the cost cutting strategies by private donors have left most of these organizations facing a severe shortage of funds.

Through his company, Mark tries to make people aware of the suffering of our fellow man, and encourages them to contribute generously towards non-profit and charitable organizations.

Quadriga Art international is a leading marketing firm for various nonprofit organizations around the world, and helps these charities raise funds through direct mail.

To learn more about the company, its direct mail service and its CEO, Mark Schulhof, logon to its website at .

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